“The roads of Montauto are ancient, they run through and lead to foreign places by traffic flows. Here Tuscany is united with upper Lazio by Etruscan memory and nature. On the one hand Vulci, on the other Manciano, Saturnia and Pitigliano. But, despite being close, the countries are a different reality, somehow displaced.

Sometimes you can leave without giving up. Riccardo Lepri graduated in economics and went away from the countryside. Distance can help us understand the value of detachment and then, sometimes we come back, stronger and more convinced, more in love.

Riccardo returned home from one day to the next. He went to his grandfather and told him that he would like to take care of the family business. The grandfather did not trust. He wanted to verify his motivations and subjected him to a year of training that was much more like a martial training from the barracks: wake up at 6 am and work hard until sunset. March and march, learn and learn. A year in which there was no lack of clashes and outbursts between grandfather and grandson who, day after day, understood that they were very much alike even if they would never have admitted it.

A year in which Riccardo became master of the material even before that of the earth and discovered the great emotion of producing wine, of becoming part of a ritual that has been repeated since the birth of human culture. Along the road traced by his grandfather, in the midst of the largest vineyards of the lower Maremma, a new generation of winemakers was formed.

In 2005, the first vintage signed by Riccardo came out and demonstrated that vines such as Sauvignon could also be made in Maremma . It was not a sacrilege or a miracle: it was a reality.

The emblem of the company, with the initial of Montauto crossing the hook of the buttero, meant precisely the pioneering of making white wines in a land traditionally considered suitable only for reds. An oenological pioneering that is already inscribed in the name of Enos, the grandfather, who is today also the name of Tenuta Montauto’s Maremma Sauvignon that reaped success around the world.

The grandfather colonel, in the silent pride of those who are happy that his work is being perpetrated by his family, framed a newspaper article about his grandson’s success in the world of wines. The grandson curses having chosen this path full of fatigue and, at the same time, is convinced that this is the best thing ever done “.

from Vini di Maremma