“When you buy something from a craftsman, you don’t buy a simple object, you buy hundreds of hours of experiments, failures and tests. You buy days, weeks and months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are not buying an object but a piece of heart, a part of the soul, a moment in someone else’s life. You buy from the craftsman the time it takes to do what is his passion and your pleasure “

Craftsmanship in wine and in Montauto

Etymologically speaking, craftsman is someone who practices an art, be it material or immaterial.
Wine, in its dual nature as a companion to the meal, as well as to thought, is both material and immaterial and, therefore, is a product of craftsmanship par excellence.
This is why, in Montauto, we simply define ourselves as artisans.
But wine, as a product of the transformation of grapes by man, in order to be artisanal, requires a series of precautions that are for the exclusive benefit of the wine itself and, consequently, of those who drink it.
First of all, the choice to do gradual harvests – because the soils and exposures, here, are very different – in order to harvest the grapes in their best moment of ripeness and to manage all the vineyards in an organic way, using only energy from from renewable sources.
Obviously, the harvest is manual, which allows us the prompt selection of the best bunches already in the vineyard as well as the foresight to compose boxes of maximum 20 kg because, if too full, the grapes would crush and the first oxidations would begin.
This, as far as the vineyard is concerned.
Because the grapes, once pressed and pressed and placed in the fermentation vats in the cellar, are transformed into must and here, Ladies and Gentlemen, the beauty begins.
In fact, in the elaboration of white wines, the pre-fermentation phase plays a role of primary importance for the quality of the future wine.
To avoid reduction phenomena, the wine is decanted, if necessary, and, both during the day and at night, racking and constant analysis of the
musts are carried out.
But not only because, returning to the vineyard, this is the moment of plowing and, traditionally after the first half of January, of winter pruning.
This is why in Montauto we make artisanal wines: healthy wines, with low levels of sulfur, defined in aromas and rich in natural complexity.
Obviously, and since the sun, at these latitudes, does not forgive, we also have a certain concern in bringing the grapes to the cellar, where this is promptly refrigerated in order to limit as much as possible the activity of the enzymes naturally present on the berries and thus avoiding the risk of pre-fermentation oxidation.