In the mare magnum of Italian wine, not all wines behave in the same way.
We use the verb “to behave” because at Tenuta Montauto we are convinced of the fact that wine has its own  behavioral trend  and, by virtue of this peculiarity, is comparable to human beings or, at most, to the animals with which it shares what, in biology , is called ethology as a set of
customs and habits.

Our  wine behaves just like a living being : it has phases of opening and expressiveness and others that are more silent, of closing; it is affected by seasonal changes, the weather, it loves oxygen.

Like everything that exists in nature, Tenuta Montauto’s wine has a phase of peculiar shyness, of olfactory reticence, in the winter months, especially in January and February.
Like plants, trees and flowers, it then opens again with the first heat and, with the arrival of May, it becomes flirtatious, to be defined in June and July, when it reaches its phase of maximum expressiveness.

However,  ours are wines made to age . This is demonstrated, among other things, by the privileged relationship they have with oxygen.

Following a large number of empirical tests, developed internally by the company, we have discovered for example that  our wine loves oxygen .
In fact, many days after opening, there are no oxidations or organoleptic drops, on the contrary, if anything, the opposite occurs.

We are taught above all by our Sauvignon Blanc Gessaia and Enos, powerful local nectars which after a few days of opening and tasted after some time have highlighted great changes, and always improving, demonstrating incredible  aromatic evolutions .

This is important, and peculiar, because most of the wines on the market, on the other hand, not only do not have this dynamism but in contact with oxygen, after some time, they tend to get worse.

Our grapes, on the other hand, harvested and selected by hand, grown according to nature and vinified with the only, very strict criterion of the wholesomeness of the musts, return  a lively wine capable of becoming more complex over time  and with which to toast even long after having uncorked it.

Prosit – provobis! – from Tenuta Montauto!