100% Sauvignon (old vines)


The grapes come from 40 years old vineyards that produce 1,30 kg of grapes per vine. The land is located 200 m above sea level and 10 km from the coast in the southern part of the Grosseto province, in the inland parts of Maremma. The soil is predominantly clayey and stony and is haracterized by sharp temperature variations between day and night.


High spurred cordon in order to favour shading during the summer heath and avoid an undesired oxidation, with 3300 vines per hectare.

Grape Harvest

When the grapes are ripe, they are selected and harvested manually. The grape harvest takes place during the last ten days of August, starting very early in the morning in order to guarantee a cool temperature when the grapes are brought to the wine cellar and to lower the risk of undesired fermentation.


Soft pressing of the whole bunch of grapes. Settling for 36 hours, fermentation in stainless steel tanks at constant temperature of 16 °C.


Intensely straw-coloured and crystalline, with a light greenish shimmer. It has a fine and intense aroma and expresses the typical aroma notes of the grape variety: fresh citrus peel (especially lime), white pulp fruits, aromatic herbs such as laurel and marjoram and a delicate floral bouquet in the finish. This is a dry fresh wine with a delicate body. The perfect balance between mild and strong notes is striking. It maintains in its elegant structure the vibrant citrus flavour, with typical savoury notes in the finish, long and complex with remarkable overall harmony.